High performance release agents, antifoam, wetting agent, donning and grind aid recommended for use in latex dipping, waterborne coatings and aqueos systems.

Rubber & Latex

Extensive range of high-quality basic chemicals, base oils, high performance additive tailored to the specific needs of our customers

Fuel, Lubricants & Metal Working

Our performance additives and intermediates include defoamers, water repellents, release agents, air entrainers wetting agents for

Our  additives product line combines process aids, defoamer, wetting additives based on siloxane chemistry

Tissue, Pulp & Paper

Our plastic additives for masterbatches and compounds include dispersing agent for pigments and fillers

Wide range of product solutions helps both in the formulation and manufacture of the coating and their application

Plastic & Masterbatches

Ink & Coating


Gas Treatment

Customized, high-performance gas treatment technologies for use in traditional applications like syngas and ammonia, sales gas and liquefied natural gas facilities.

Radiation-curing and cost-efficient - new high performance multifunctional additives with controllable slip characteristics.

UV Cure Silicone

 Organomodified siloxanes combine high

 surface activity and efficiency with

 excellent compatibility in all common

 dispersion systems.

Polymer Dispersion


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